Jasper Commerce Announces Launch on Square App Marketplace to Over 4 Million Potential Merchants

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Vancouver, BC – May 26, 2022 // Jasper Commerce, Inc // TSXV: JPIM


Jasper Commerce Inc is pleased to announce the launch of the Jasper PIM Square solution into the Square App Marketplace as of May 24th, 2022.  Jasper is the first Product Information Management (PIM) solution to be listed in the Square App Marketplace. This launch deepens Jasper’s relationship with Square, and the millions of merchants on the Square platform. Jasper intends to invest heavily in strengthening its relationship with the Square partnership team in order to enable new opportunities for co-sponsorship and solution bundling across the Square ecosystem. 

Square has an addressable market of over 4,000,000 merchants in the United States, and assuming applicability to 75% of the SMB segment of that merchant base (i.e., approximately 3 million potential Square customers) even a tiny penetration of this distribution channel would represent significant revenue potential and growth for Jasper.

This new marketplace app launch makes it relatively straightforward for Square merchants, who use Square’s App Marketplace to install and configure the Jasper PIM Square application. As a result, merchants can now be up and running; managing their products in a much more effective way, seamlessly, often within hours of installation, as opposed to previously taking many weeks or months. 

Jasper PIM for Square allows merchants to expertly handle their product information (product name, descriptions, prices, inventory quantities, etc.) and eCommerce content syndication in a very powerful and intuitive fashion, saving the merchant significant time and money, and at the same time reducing order fulfillment delays arising from faulty product information data.  In short, eCommerce sellers use this new marketplace app to provide a variety of optimization and merchandising capabilities not otherwise found in the Square Online and POS management tools themselves.

With the Jasper PIM app integrated directly with a Square merchant account, users can: plan marketing campaigns in advance, time release specific products for sale, schedule promotional pricing, manage multiple languages or product data versions, optimize product attributes, create ‘smart’ categories and more.

Further, Jasper PIM then automatically synchronizes all product content changes with a Square Online Storefront and/or Square POS digital catalog.

Management expects that as Square merchants begin to adopt the Jasper PIM platform and use it for several months, they will greatly benefit from upgrading to a higher paid Jasper solution plan to begin publishing their products to new channels, such as Google Shopping or Amazon, greatly increasing the amount of sales the merchant can make.

“I’m very excited about what this new distribution opportunity can mean for the continued discovery and growth of our SMB product line.  I have long been impressed with Square’s technology for eCommerce merchants and I look forward to leading the Jasper team in continuing the focus on the many up-and-coming entrepreneurs on this platform that will require faster and better merchandising capability to stay competitive.’ – said Jon C. Marsella, Founder and CEO.

For inquiries please email: investors@jasperpim.com

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